We are a advocacy group focused on creating awareness about cannabis politics. We believe cannabis is a medicine put on earth to help people. Yes we may do crazy things like this, but we are not happy with the way this is playing out on a national level. We are here to help begin the conversation about how to change that.


Some Info


Due to the current laws we are forced to hold this event in a private location. The exact details  will be released to those who sign up for our newsletter.


We are working closely with a designer, sculptor, and engineer to craft a joint that is shaped like a mini Jeff Sessions. We plan to fill with legally obtained cannabis products, and smoke with legally licensed patients.


Our current objectives will be to have a fully designed skeleton being constructed onsite during the NECANN show in Boston on March 24th -25th. Due to current convention center rules, no cannabis will be allowed on premises.


BeantownGreentown is a local cannabis advocacy group comprised of many patients, caregivers, and consumers. We all share the same value and consideration for this plant and its benefits.


We admit that we are not 100% sure HOW to pull it off without throwing gas on the fire, but we are going to try. Anyone interested in supporting us please reach out.


Because someone has to. 

If you feel like that someone is you please help us fund this project. We are accepting any and all donations in time, labor, advice and of course funds.