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IVXX Club Premium $420.00 Harvest Cup Special


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We are excited and happy to announce our new IVXX Club offering. Club membership includes a T Shirt, access to our online grow support, tips for bigger plants, and you will be gifted 5 deliveries every 75 days that will include 3 live clones of our current strain runs. Club members also receive admission to every Grow Knowledge class offered in the winter session. Members are all privileged to receive special discounts from our partners: Free 5 Gallon Pots from The Boston Gardner, discounted soil from SoHum Living Soils and Intregrating Designs, and special select seed hand outs ExoticSeed. If you have any questions please DM us on Instagram @beantown_greentown. 


Beantown_Greentown is offering exclusive membership to our official IVXX growers club. In May of 2017 Club membership will officially open its doors. Club members will receive exclusive access to our growers blog, strain creators, product suppliers, and nutrient solutions. Elite members will be gifted clones every 75 days to maintain a perpetual flowering cycle linked to our most current strain list. If you would like to get more info and be part of the first 50 members gift package, sign up now to our mailing list, and purchase your membership below.

IVXX Hunting Team


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Are you a strain Hunter? Are you looking for some cuts right now? We can help. Join our hunting team and will will give you exclusive access to our grow community. Each team member will be gifted 6 clones from our current inventory. Be 3-4 weeks ahead of the rut and get your plants in the ground tomorrow. For more info DM us on Instagram: @beantown_greentown

What to Expect from your IVXX Membership

Our motto is to make Beantown a Greentown, and we will make every effort to make your grow a success. Our clones are rooted in a sterile bug free environment and do not leave the hopper until roots are at least 6 inches long. We make every effort on our end to ensure a successful transplant. Your babies will be shipped overnight in a fully lit led clone box safely protected from any damage. If you wish to try out our club you can do a single trial Hunting Team membership. Feel free to ask any questions on Instagram: @beantown_greentown