MA Community Cup 2018

Additional Information

Giveaway date is April 19th at U-GROW 748 Crescent St. Brockton MA

1- You must be 21+ to receive seeds

2- You will be asked to provide ID on site before you obtain your MA_CCup2018 grower kit.

3- You must provide an email to become a member of our summer growing team.

4- You must grow outdoor only with respect to the laws: "not visible to public" 500.120 (4) - CCC

5- To qualify for the 2018 MA_CCup trophy you must enter your product into the 2018 Harvest Cup. Entries are mandatory for testing of potency, pesticide free, and allows for a equal playing field.

6- You must post the life cycle of your grow to your social media. A unique hashtag will be given to every participant for tracking purpose. Example (#MA_CCup_001)

7- Overall results will be a total evaluation of yield, quality, and documentation of your grow.

8- Lastly and most important: HAVE FUN - #MOREWEEDLESSGREED

   - More details to come as we approach lift off to Jupiter. Stay Tuned.