4/20/2019 Overview


24 hour "Smoked OUT".......

"You win some, and you lose some."

"Take the punches and keep getting  back up."

"The stigma is strong with this one."  

We  are regretful to inform you this 24 Hour monumental event has been canceled. Due to the feedback from the city, we feel there is a chance we would be jeopardizing the establishments chances of obtaining a legal  permit to operate as a social consumption entity. That being said our  GOAL is to always raise awareness and break the stigma within all legal  limits and unfortunately the stigma broke this event… this time. We have been fortunate to witness some amazing events with many of our fun  “anti-Stigma” themes in the past however this one may have pushed those  boundaries. 

On a good note, although the 24 HOUR part is canceled we  will be there from 3 pm - 8pm on 4/20/2019 and we will still have  plenty of goods to taste. If those hours do not fit your schedule, there  will be normal business hours for the Summit Lounge from 10am -  Midnight.
Again we apologize for the inconvenience and we hope to  see you in Worcester regardless. If you have any further questions  please feel free to reach out and DM us for more info.


BTGT Staff and Family


The Summit Lounge in Worcester is Massachusetts only private smoking venue that has agreed to allow us the space to do this event.